Scuba diving club in Oulu

Oulun Urheilusukeltajat (OUSu) is a scuba diving club located in Oulu, Finland.
On January 1st 2022, the two diving clubs in Oulu merged into one and operations will continue under the name Oulun Urheilusukeltajat. The members of both clubs continued as old members in the new united club from the beginning of 2022.

The club offers its members several services free of charge, such as free compressed air fillings and free swimming hall entry (on Sunday evenings) during the winter time. The purpose of the club is to promote and support the sports diving skills and techniques of its members, to offer its members the conditions for sports diving, to develop various types of underwater activities and to nurture underwater nature and objects.

We organize training sessions in the Raatti swimming hall, scuba diving courses and other diving activities for our members. We also guide visiting divers to diving sites in Oulu whenever possible.

One of the original clubs was founded on December 11th 1976, and currently we have around one hundred members.

You can learn more about our club’s activities and scuba training in Oulu on these pages.
We are also happy to provide more information about our activities by email puheenjohtaja@DOMAIN.

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